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          Vulnerable children and children of critical workers school access

          If you are the looking for your child to access a place at school due to them being vulnerable or because you are a critical worker please complete THIS FORM.


          Frequently Asked Questions

          FAQ for WPS Parents/Carers during Covid-19 Closure can be seen by clicking HERE



          We are sending regular communication via ParentMail whilst the school is closed.  Please make sure you can access ParentMail and we encourage you to also download the ParentMail app.  If you need any additional information or assistance, please visit the ParentMail help site: www.parentmail.co.uk/help/parenthelp/

          The latest letter sent to all parents via ParentMail can also be seen below:

          Letter to Parents/Carers Monday 15th June 2020


          Dear , 

          Re: various updates

          I hope you and your family are well as some light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel begins to emerge. I am writing to update you on a variety of matters - my apologies if this feels like communication overload. 

          In-school and Online Learning
          From today, we are pleased to welcome small numbers of Year 10 and 12 students back to school to access limited provision on a rota basis. We are also seeing a rise in the number of students accessing our in-school supervision for critical worker children and more vulnerable students. As a result, staff are increasingly required in school and, although teachers will continue to set work for all timetabled lessons and support your child’s online learning via email and Google Classroom, they may not always be available to reply to questions straight away. (This is also the case for some staff at home who continue to juggle supporting students online with their own childcare commitments). That said, we are committed to delivering the best provision possible under these constraints. 

          KS3 Tutor Contact
          Our Year 7, 8 and 9 tutors have been working hard to keep in touch with their tutees and support them during this time, often on an individual basis.  Tutors are now offering a weekly tutor check in session, usually on Fridays at 11am for Year 8 and 9 and by arrangement for Year 7.  Tutors are really looking forward to these check-ins with students and we are confident that these brief GoogleMeets will give students a welcome dose of live contact with school and with their classmates. Please do encourage your child to look out for them and attend.

          Parent/Carer Feedback
          Now that we are entering our tenth week of home learning, we would really appreciate your feedback again via this short survey to help us further optimise our online provision. 

          September Planning 
          The government has stated that it is working to bring all children back to school in September. We very much hope that this will be the case, but like all prudent schools we are now planning for a range of scenarios. These include full reopening, partial reopening and enforced closure. Whatever scenario emerges, we aim to communicate rapidly, clearly and during the summer break if necessary. 

          INSET Day
          Friday 3 July will be an INSET Day as originally designated to allow staff time to plan for what is likely to be a more complex 2020-21 than usual. Students may use this time to catch up on any outstanding tasks and teaching staff will not be available online on this day. 

          Diversity Art Competition
          Further to my recent letter regarding the death of George Floyd, several staff have addressed issues of racism and discrimination through their academic and pastoral interactions with students. Amongst these, our Art Department is inviting all students to enter this competition themed around diversity in society. 

          Useful links
          Finally, here are links to our FAQs for WPS Parents/Carers during Covid-19 Closure, our general enquiries form, and our form to apply for in-school supervision of critical worker children and vulnerable students where eligible. 

          Thank you for everything you continue to do to support your child(ren)’s learning and wellbeing during this pandemic. Thank you, too, for many kind messages of support and encouragement that we have received from parents/carers since lockdown began. 

          With best wishes for your family’s continued health and wellbeing, 


          Tim Martin

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